Saturday 24th October – Half Marathon

On Saturday I did my 3rd half marathon of the year so far.  The weather said it was going to rain, so I wore shorts, a long sleeved t-shirt and my red puma waterproof.
I started off well, running from my flat to the Gorbals, up to the top of Victoria Road, then across to Pollock Park, and through it.  Half way I was about 55 minutes in.  I’d signed up for teh Nike 10k Human Race where loads of runners across the world signed up to do a 10k and log it via the nike plus website.  I was supposed to get a T-shirt but it hadn’t arrived by the time I did the run. 
Anyway – I did the first 10k in around 49 minutes – which was the 63rd fastest time for a woman in the UK and was the 525th fastest runner in the UK. 
After around 7 miles, things started to get a little harder.  Up Corkerhill Road up to a little steep hill, and through Bella Park where again I went up hill a little more.  I noticed a stitch a few times, but nothing so bad it would stop me.  I just slowed down a little.  My HR was around 173 at the top of some of the hills (90%), but generally it was sitting around 160 – 169. (83%-88%).
At the 8 mile mark I was praying for rain. With my long sleeved top on and my waterproof, I was finding it pretty warm.  The rain didn’t come, but I guess it’s better to be too hot than too cold.  Then just after I noticed my hips starting to grate a little, and by 10 miles I was coming out of Bella – I knew I only had 3 miles or so to go, but still wanted to finish as soon as I could.  I knew I still had a little left and my cardio was fine, so powered up Nithsdale Road…. 2 miles… 1 mile…. home.
Overall this time it took:
TIME: 1:50:53
PACE: 8:28 mins per mile
AVE HR: 163 (85%)
MAX HR: 179 (94%)
MIN HR: 92 (50%).
The first time I did it in just under 2 hours (as I had to walk the last mile) and this time I did it 5 minutes slower than last time, but I didn’t stop for any kind of drink or refuel half way (which I did last time – taking off the 3 minutes or so it took to drink).
Overall I was very pleased with my run and how I felt after it.  It did start raining…just…as soon as I stopped.  My trainers got a little dirty, but I managed to avoid most of the puddles so my shoes with holes in the soles, didn’t pick up too much water!!
Roll on December when I do it for the last time this year!!
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