Sunday 10 mile run….

Sunday morning I was up and out the door for 9am.  I’d made a new play list of 47 songs, and wanted to listen to them to see if they’d be good to run to.  This is now the end of week 2 for my training for my half marathon, and the mileage is up to 10 miles. 
I wanted to do the run in between 1 hour 20 and 1 hour 30 and managed to do it in 1 hour 22.  Pace: 8:12 minutes per mile.  My Average heart rate was 164 – 85% of my max. 1085 cals.
It was a little hard at the start, my legs felt heavy and my shins were niggly, but I got into it ok after 3-4 miles.  I ran two miles to Bellahouston Park in just over 16 minutes and ran the next 6 miles around Pollock Park in about 50 minutes.  Then back along the first 2 miles back to home, I did it in around 15 minutes.  Eminem ‘Lose Yourself’ helped me pick up the pace at the end – pushing it up to 7:39 minutes per mile.  Baring teeth Smile
I’m thinking of pushing the date of my half marathon back a bit – I know I’ll be fit for it, I just want to make sure I fit it into my life ok- make sure I have enough of my weekends without handing them all over to running.  I’ve got the kids this weekend, so not much running will be done this weekend, I’m going to take another look at my plan and see if I can update it.   I’ll update you when it will be…
Here is the 10 miles route  I did:
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