Wednesday 16th – 5 mile Tempo Run

I’ve been reading ‘The Competitive Runner’s Handbook’ by Bob Glover, and am enjoying it, picking up new things and confounding what I know already.    For my Wednesday runs over the next 4 weeks, I am going to try out new run speed sessions – Tempo, Hill Repeats, Intervals and Race Pace runs. 
This Wednesday morning at arround half 6, I did my first planned tempo run.
5.1 miles to Queens Park and back.
5 mins warm up.
Then concentrating on trying to run fast and get HR above 80% for remainder of run.
I took it in bites of 7:30 minutes, trying to go faster after each section.
It might be easier to track on a treadmill, but it was good to do it on the route I know.
I did the run in 40:30 – fastest yet for a run with a bit of a hill on it.
Pace: 7:56 per mile / 12.2 kph
My Ave HR: 169 (88%), Max HR: 190, Min HR: 106.  Calories: 562.
I felt really good after the run, and want to make sure that I continue with my early morning runs as they make me feel great thruogh the rest of the day!
Here’s a pic of the elevation and route:

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