10.7 mile run on Sunday! in the RAIN

Well, I managed the 10.7 mile run on Sunday.  I was running with my friend Fiona who is training for the half marathon in two weeks time and wanted to get her out of the gym onto the road.  I planned the route around where most of the half marathon route goes – and only went slightly off course when I forgot I was meant to be following the route (about 6 miles in).  So the planned 10 mile route ended up being 10.7.

We did the first 5 miles in around 51 mins.  Fiona runs at around 10 minutes miles, so it was a good time for 5 miles.  It was nice to take it easy too – my HR was at 133 on average – 70% of my max – just inside the fat burning zone.  🙂

Lucky for us the weather was pretty bad – the wind wasn’t too bad – but it was typical glasgow rain showers… heavy for about 10 mins, then light…then heavy…..

I dropped off a lucozade drink half way round, so we stopped and had it. And at that point it was POURING!!  It was pretty funny – and I don’t actually mind running in the rain.  But we both agreed if we hadnt arranged to meet up – we wouldn’t have gone out a run.  So I’m glad we arranged it.

We stopped for 5 minutes to take on the juice and a gel – then kept going and finished 10.7 miles in 1 hour 50. 5.8 mph and around 1100 calories burned.

I was starving after it – so had a thai green curry, two slices of toast and a mars bar, before teaching swimming at 4.

The week starts again with the following:

MON: PM – 10 min CYCLE, Legs and Core WEIGHTS, 20 min RUN.
TUES: AM – 6k RUN.  PM – SWIM Session 1
WED: PM – 10 min RUN, Arms and Core WEIGHTS, 10 min CYCLE.
THU: PM – Basketball.
FRI: Rest
SAT or SUN – 10k RUN, Back, Shoulders, Core WEIGHTS.

Then I’ve got two weeks off work! woohoo!

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