Finally Finished the triathlon!

I completed the Wick Triathlon in the following times:
Swim: 11:57  (7th of 17 women)
T1: 1:57
Cycle: 41:04 (9th of 17 women)
T2: 0:31
Run: 23:29 (2nd of 17 women)
Total: 1:18:55 (8th of 17 women)
I was placed 8th out of the 17 women who took part. I was really chuffed with my time, and even more chuffed that I didn’t feel sore the next day!  I know my area for improvement is the bike, and if I were to do any more triathlons I would definately work on it more. It was a raelly great day and the weather and atmosphere was great too.
Here is the photo from the end of the day.  I mistakenly sat in the front row amongst all the winners – woops!
I got a nice orange t-shirt and managed to pick up around £50 from all of the generous competitors and supporters of the triathlon.  now I’ve managed to raise £1,260 and still counting. 
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