Saturday in Wick – RUN, CYCLE, GALA NIGHT!

After a late (sober) night on Friday night in the BACKER in Wick… I was up at 9 to go for a run with the Wick Traithlon Club.  Robert Cormack (middle in the picture) had invited me along to the 5 mile run and we met at the middle of Scalesburn.  We ran down to the Mackays Hotel and started from there.  Round and up to the Odl Man of Wick, up Charity Farm hill (my heart rate was 187!!! there – 5 away from my max – 98%) down Newton and round.

We did the 5 miles in just under 39 minutes and I think we were both pushing each other along.  My average heart rate was above what it normally was – at 174 I knew I was really pushing myself – and about a mile from the end I really could have walked!!  But Robert kept me going and I ended up really pleased with the run.

Robert seems to be a seasoned cyclist (and local) and mentioned that if I was doing the 20k cycle route for the triathlon on Saturday, I would have a head wind when going out towards Bilbster.  And I did!  I left about half 10 and started from the swimming pool.

All the way out to Bilbter the wind was hellish – I was cycling around 14 mph – way below my usual average –  I couldnt wait to turn around and come back in the road.  On the way back in I was doing around 24 mph – which felt WAY better!! 

I did the first half in about 26 minutes, and the second half in about 17 minutes – total time for the 20k was 43:05.  I was pretty pleased with this, but the cycle out the way against the wind was hard.  I’m not used to it cycling in Glasgow with all the buildings / protection around me!!

I left my bike up in Wick as it was a bit of a nightmare taking it up.  I figured I wouldnt be going on it that much int he next two weeks before the triathlon, and could practice on the indoor bike instead. 

Later on that night I cycled an easy 6 miles around town, trying to collect money and getting about quickly.  I met lots of old friends and old faces i hadn’t seen in ages – and raise £86 by asking people!

RUN: 5 miles, 38:57, 500 cals
CYCLE: 13 miles, 45 mins, 500 cals
CYCLE (easy): 6 miles, 200 cals.

Oh – and it was Gala night… fun fun fun…!!  Thankfully I stayed sober again!! 87 days and I’m really enjoying being OFF THE SAUCE!

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