Wick for the weekend! – Friday

On Thursday I took a rest day to get packed and ready for coming up on the Friday – I was aiming to get ready to leave about 7, so had to get everything ready for the morning. Took too much up north as usual, but managed to take my bike on the back of my car. It was a bit shaky on the way up, it was pretty windy and wet so the bike seemed to move quite a bit. So the usual 3 hour journey from Glasgow to Inverness took 4 hours as I had to stop a few times and adjust the bike set up. Got some cable ties in Inverness which made it a lot more secure – but I think I’ll be leaving my bike up here this weekend in anticipation of the triathlon in two weekends time.

As soon as I got here I went to the pool and did a 45 minute swim session in the pool. I would have done an hour but they said the swim team was in 45 mins after I went in. So the swim went like this:

2500m, 43:16

400m : 4 x 100m FC/BC: 1:26, 1:58, 1:40, 2:11, (rest 22)
750m FC swim: 12:39 (rest:31)
400m FC swim with fins: 6:02 (rest: 28)
750m FC fast: 12:25 (rest: 11)
200m FC pull: 3:22

Min HR: 154
Max HR: 174
Ave HR: 93

Calories 534.

Felt good and ready for the night. Didn’t manage to get my nap in, but had a good night at the back bridge street club for my friends 30th and even managed to raise £35 for leukaemia care – must get asking more people!

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