Wednesday gym

Tonight when I came home I was starving – so I had THREE weetabix with honey before the gym.

Went to the gym around 7pm – went straight on the bike for an hour…

Warm Up – 20 minutes – level 8 – +90rpm
Main set –
30 mins: 10 x (30 secs acceleration @ +100rpm, 2 mins 30 @ +90rpm) – level 8
Cool Down – 10 minutes – level 8 – +80rpm

CYCLE: 17.2 miles, 60 mins, 725 calories.
Ave HR: 137, Max HR: 155, Min HR: 84.

The cycle was good – sweated a lot which is a good sign… heart rate was going between 140 and 155 when cycling fast.  Half way through I almost gave up but kept going and got through it all.

Not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow.  I have to pack and get ready to go up the road, and haven’t done any weights this week – so I might do them after I’ve done everything I need to do before going up the road.  We’ll see.

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