Thursday – swim & basketball…

Last night I did the first swim of my new sessions- lots of kicking in a 50m pool!  Ended up giong a little off placn as I think I had too much kicking, but found the swim good anyway.  I did the swim at Tollcross.
Summary 3400m – 63:23 minutes.

400m FC Swim – 6:50 (HR: 149, Rest: 24)


400m FC Kick (Fins) – 7:02 (HR: 146, Rest: 10)

400m FC Kick on side (Fins) – 7:20 HR: 149, Rest: 15)

400m FC Kick (Fins) – 7:14 (HR: 138, Rest: 19)

400m FC Kick on side (Fins) – 7:29 (HR: 139. Rest: 7)


400m FC Pull (no Fins) – 6:35 (HR:145, Rest: 24)

400m FC Swim (no Fins) – 7:08 (HR: 149, Rest: 16)


400m FC 100s various – 7:28 (HR: 146, Rest: 4)

200m BC/FC – 4:16 (HR 146).


Ave HR: 146

Max HR: 167

Min HR: 91


Calories: 688.


I strangely swam 400m FC pull faster than I swam 400m FC full stroke… don’t know if I was tired or what…think I’ll need to keep an eye on that! And practice to see which is faster.  I presume when I don’t kick I have more energy to pull myself throught he water and breathe more efficiently!  I’ll need to test FC pull and FC swimming over the next few weeks to see which is best. It might be better to forget about my legs if I am doing the cycle and run after it anyway! 


After the swim, I played basketball for an hour – there were loads of people (13) because the people who noramllyl paly badminton decided they would join in too.  It wasn’t the best as there seemed to be too many players and we didn’t know ho wgood they all were. Hope that doesnt happen again!  Hardly got the ball, and didnt get any shots at basket – oh actually – got one…a good layup!!


Night off tonight before triathlon test tomorrow!


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