Wednesday – AM -cycle, run. PM – cycle, upper weights


On Wednesday morning I got up at 6 and headed out on the bike, on the planned 20k route to Paisley and back.  I went down the wrong road when going to go past Bella, so I ended up doing almost 21k.  I did the 20k in about 49 minutes with traffic light stops, and my bike computer showed 44:50 (with stops removed).  I slowed down for about 8 traffic lights, so without them I think I would have gone slightly faster overall.  I was very pleased as ideally I’d like to do the 20k in the traithlon in under 45 minutes. (16.5 mph).

Then I tied my bike up and ran for 5k in the 3 x 1 mile loop near the flat. The run didn’t seem that fast, but ended up doing it in just under 24 minutes which I was happy with.  Did the 3 x 1 mile loop to get in the practice for the run which has 3 x 1 mile loops!  Need to get used to hills though as there is a big hill (x3) in the triathlon!

CYCLE: 21k, 50 minutes.
RUN: 5k, 23:57 minutes (7.7 mph).
Total calories: 900

I’d had weetabix when I got up, then porridge when I got in and a small cheese sandwich at about 10…so I was really fueled up through the morning!  Good job too.

In the evening I went to what used to be ‘ladies night’ at the Gorbals… and did:

CYCLE: S1 – Speed Session 1
Level 6
10 minute warm up – 80-90rpm
3 minutes – 90rpm
2 minutes – 100rpm
1 minute – 110rpm
9 minute cool down – +80rpm

It was a good  workout and I did 6.3 miles in 25 minutes, before starting on my upper weights.

Managed to get a bench and did:

Extended Shoulder Press – 2 x 10 – 8kg, 2 x 10 – 6kg
Lateral Raise – 4 x 10 – 6kg
Bench Press – 4 x 10 – 8kg
Cuban Press – 4 x 10 – 6kg
Tricep Extension – 6 x 12 – 8kg
Shoulder Press – 4 x 10 – 8kg
Diagonal Lift – 6 x 12 – 6kg (each hand)
Single Leg Squat – 6 x 12
Romanian Deadlift – 4 x 10 – 9kg
Single Leg Alternating Row – 4 x 20 – 8kg

CYCLE: 6.3 miles, 25 minutes, 300 calories
WEIGHTS: Upper, 60 minutes, 400 calories

I walked to and from work so total calories for the day was about 1640!

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