Swim Session 7 – 3 mins faster than last time… 4:30 faster than 1st time!

Swim Session 7 again tonight.

Pleased to say I bet my time again – by just over 3 minutes this time.

Summary: 3400m in 63:02 minutes.

4 x 200m b 50s – DPS, FC fast (25), FC Steady (25), Drill, Build: 3:24, 3:31, 3:33, 3:30 = 14:34 (rests- 18,7,7,30) – slower than last time.
5 x 400m – FC build: 6:49, 6:40, 6:31, 6:29, 6:34 (rests – 14,10,10,16,20) = 34:30 – faster than last time.
6 x 100m – FC kick / BC kick – 13:46 (faster than last time) – I was kicking real hard!

Ave HR: 154
Max HR: 169
Min HR: 89

What I found easy: on a flip side from the last time – aiming to reduce the 5 x 400m by 5 seconds – did it by 9 secs for the first 3!
Swimming constantly for 400ms.
I didn’t feel like doing the set tonight before it, but felt great during it and after it. (usual the thought is always worse than doing it – exercise). Knowing after the 2nd 100m of the kick that I would beat my previous time!!

What I found hard: The thought of swimming, I had sore hamstrings and was tempted to give tonight a rest, but didn’t.
One of the lanes was closed so I had a few numpties doing breast stroke and kicking off right in front of me.. grrrr… managed to swim past them most times.
Kicking form the 4th 100 onwards… hard work!!
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