Monday night

Last night I decided I would ditch the idea of leg weights and enjoy the weather by going out on my bike and doing a run.
I cycled 11.7 miles in 45 mins – M2 – Cruise intervals:
Warmed up for 15 mins, then did 4 minute intervals pedalling hard with 1 minute rest intervals.
I only nearly ran someone over, nearly ran a dog over, nearly got hit by a football – once, and my chain came off once too.
I parked up and ran 3 x 1 mile loops of Bellahouston Park.
I ran 5k in 23:30 which was pretty good – just under 8mph.
I felt good running it and raised my heart rate up to about 173.
Then after the run, I got back on my bike and cycled for another 15 minutes home.
CYCLE: 14.7 miles, 60 mins, 700 cals
RUN: 3.1 miles, 23:30 mins, 320 cals
WALK: 1.2 miles, 22 mins, 140 cals
All in all it was a good session helped along by the nice weather.
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