1 year of training! Totals!

Last night I realised that I had been training for a year… 53 weeks of hard work!

So here is the summary…


In a year, I have exercised for almost 400 hours. 


RUN: 646 miles

CYCLED: 781 miles

SWUM: 152 miles (244k or 9,789 lengths)

WALKED: 235 miles (to and from work)

BURNED: 240,000 calories

(An average of 4529 calories per week).


Total: 1,814 miles / 2,920km!


Reduced my body fat by 6.6%  (22.9% now)

Lost 15lbs. (33kg)

Increased my body water by 5.2% (56.1% now)






Just 211 lengths until I’ve done 10,000 lengths!!  I’ll have done that by the end of this week!!


Oh and I’ve raised £680… £1.62 for every hour of exercise…Tongue out

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