Friday Swim Session 6!

Swim Session 6 tonight. Went very well. Empty pool – 5 minutes faster than last time and the first time. 🙂 Broke the 60 minute mark for 3400m!

Summary: 3400m in 59:02

1000m FC steady – 15:56 (rest 33 secs)

1000m 3/5/3/7 – 17:24 (rest 18 secs)

3 x 400m ( 100m FC race pace, 200m FC steady, 50m FC race pace, 50m FC steady) – 6:52, 6:55, 6:52 (rests 7,12,5)

200m – 3:39.

What I found easy – swimming fast on the first 40 lengths…I did 30 lengths in 11:41 – fastest ever (in January I did it in 13:34). Really impressed with the improvement! Felt good having done the first 30 lengths faster than I had before. Remembering the session/sets. Swimming at race pace, then swimming steady.

What I found hard: my arms were feeling it at the end of the 2nd and 3rd 400ms, but still swimming strong.

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