Wednesday morning Cycle…

Not happy at all!!
I went out on my newly reparied bike this morning  – 6 am… only to find after half a mile I got a flat in my rear tyre again!!!
I’ve had a look at the wheel and I’m pretty sure I’ve damaged it with the pothole.  It dosent look as smooth as it goes round as it should.. which will mean a trip back to halfords with it. I replaced the inner tube the other night, so it isn’t that.  The only othe thing it could be is that they tyre still has some glass in it, but I don’t remember going over any glass and I think it was the clatter from the pothole that made the original pot hole.  And I did go over some more this morning.
RUBBISH!!  However I did email the council about the pothole…not that that helps me!!
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