Thursday – cycle then basketball

As it was such a nice day I figured it would be good to take the bike to work, then cycle to the west end to see some family who were visiting, then cycle to Tollcross  to paly basketball, then home.
All in all a 16 mile round trip!  My chain came off 3 times which was a bit of a pain, but other than that it all went smoothly.  I need to get my bike looked at I think just to make the gear changes a bit more smooth.
Played basketball – about 4 games – there were 8 people there so a proper couple of games of full court were good.  I found my endurance was kept up for the whole hour whilst others were flagging a bit… And I did a spectacular fall over and forward roll to protect myself.  Not sure what happened.
I did have one very good game, I managed to score all 5 baskets in a game of 5 – 0.  🙂
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