Saturday – mini tri day!!

On Saturday I planned to do a triathlon of my own… I’d cycle some (up to 20k), then park up at Bella run for 5k, then swim the 30 lengths plus anything else.
I started on my bike from my flat…and noticed that the left gear changer was loose and I couldn’t change the cog on the front of the gears…meaning I was stuck in the harder 9 gears!! It was ok though.  I cycled up Sheild’s road, onto Nithsdale Road, and into Bellahouston Park, and went aroudn it a few times, before going onto Mosspark Boulevard, and cycling down Corkerhill Road.  A nice cycle lane. Managed to miss getting caught by the speed camera on the road. 😉
I was about to go into Pollock Park, when I noticed the cycle route sign for Paisley and kept cycling.  Ended up taking a few lefts and ended up and Pollock roundabout and back to the Pollock Park entrance. 
I did 20k in 55 minutes 53.  I had to stop a few times to sort the security chain out on my bike.
I parked my bike up and dropped my things into Bella, then ran the 5k route around bella park.  My legs were surprisingly ok!
I ran 5k in 26 minutes 56.
Then I went into the pool and did 30 lengths (750m) in 12 minutes 40… one of my fastest times!  Looks like the 10 training sessions are working!!
Total calorie burn 1680!
Need to get my bike fixed!!  I’ll take it to halfords this week sometime!
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