Monday gym

Didn’t go for my usual run this morning, decided I’d try the treadmill in the gym later.
Ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes – at 2 minute intervals between 7.2 mph and 7.8 mph for the first 20 minutes, then dropped the 7.2mph down to 6.8mph for the last 8 minutes and ran at 8mph for the last 2 minutes.  Max heart rate was about 175.  Burned 250 calories.  Did 6k in 31 minutes. was hot and sweaty after it…
Then went on to do my leg weights with 9kg weights.  Leg Squats, Step ups, Dead lifts, V sit ups, abs work, Leg Press, Knee Extension, Lateral Pull Down…etc….  Burned around 500 calories and felt good.
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