Tuesday night run and swim

It was raining last night when I left work…and as I had a denim jacket on, I decided I would be best to run home!
Then when I got home we went for a 6k run.. so 4.3 miles all together.  ran the 6k in 32 minutes again.  it was pouring, but it was a good run – wind behind us on the way home!  Yey!  Then went swimming… 3400m in 64 mins…30 lengths in 12.24 minutes.

Swim Session 6 last night.  Very pleased with it.


Summary: 3400m in 64:38 minutes


1000m FC steady in 16:46 minutes.

1000m FC – 3/5/3/7 in 50s – 20:58 minutes (incl rest)

3 x 400 – 100m FC race pace, 200m FC steady, 50m FC race pace, 50m FC steady – 8:31, 7:27, 7:39. (23:37).

200m swim down – 3:16 minutes.


Ave HR: 150

Max HR: 167

Min HR: 96


Did my fastest 30 lengths so far!


RUN 450 calories, SWIM 800 calories.


I finished and a false fire alarm went off…had to stand out on the pool side for 15 mins! L

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