Weekend in Inverness

On Saturday I ran the furthest I’ve ever run in one go….12.75 miles in 2 hours 24 minutes in Inverness.  I drove to Inverness on Friday and caught up with the lovely Emma who I used to know from my home town of Wick.  She has set herself a monster challenge of doing a half marathon in a few weeks time!!  I’ve been helping Emma with a training plan and helping her out with her running and swimming to see if she can do what I’ve done, get fit and get down to her ideal weight!
Emma is doing really well – she ran the 12.75 miles with me and felt ok at the end of it, and is determined to keep going in preparation for her half marathon on the 8th of March.  I’ve promised her I’ll do 13.1 miles on the 7th, so that’ll be a bit of a challenge for me!
Anyway, on Saturday afternoon, we went swimming and I showed Emma the basics of breathing in breast stroke and push and gliding away from the wall. 2 hours in the pool!!!
I drove back to Glasgow yesterday, my rest day, and taught swimming for 4 hours…then collapsed into bed.
I’m feeling tired today, so have taken the day off, back to the training tomorrow!!
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