I’ve had a nice rest over the christmas week – was working last monday, tuesday and getting the new bathroom fitted… it’s all in luckily and I’ve spent the last few days finishing it off…painting it etc – and of course – christmas.

Got lots of things, including some new running gear – and the new trainers arrived too. I set up an annual training plan which will be loaded onto here soon…it’s pretty busy, but I’m sure I’ll keep up with it.

Oh and I’ve remained at 134lbs… despite the trifle and christmas dinner (and lack of exercise for the week)….start again tomorrow morning…

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1 Response to Christmas…

  1. stu says:

    merry christmas Lorn, i might have told you that i got rejected from the london marathon, well, i’ve been offered a place for a friend who is injured, who cannot carry over the reserved place more than one year, so, i’m running the london marathon!!! yippee, i cannot wait, but i’m going to have to train flat out for the next 15 weeks or so, so, it looks like you and me will be training like mad from now on… good luck in your training, and i’ll let you know how i’m getting on. stu

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