Thursday 18th December…

Well, things seem to be turned a little upside down just now – what with christmas coming up and things… I’m ususally taking a rest day on Mondays now and training on fridays…but this week I took Monday, Tuesday off and didn’t go to the gym last night either.  I’m sure it won’t do me any harm.  🙂  Did the 5 mile run yesterday morning, and I’m quite grateful I didn’t go out this morning as it’s wild out there!  Windy rainy!!  The car said it was 8.5’C, but I’m not sure.
I’ve definately got the gym tonight and basketball, but going around to see a friend before hand – I’ll try and make it to Tollcross for 7pm.  My toes seem to be healing.. (from where they were rubbing against the flippers! – ouch)… and then I’m aiming to work out Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Fingers crossed.
Oh and I bought a new pair of goggle and a new pair of trainers!
Thought i would try a new type of goggles for a change from Speedo Speedsocket…. (expensive at £20)…these were £9.30 from
Velocity Metallized Goggle
And I ordered a new pair of trainers from….£40!! (Down from £80). They should arrive just after christmas!!  I’ll keep my current ones for running outside and try and keep these ones relatively clean!
PS: I would always recommend buying trainers online.  Go into a shop – try them on….get the name / part number of the shoe you want – then come home and search online.  Good shops are Startfitness and  Massive savings!

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