Friday 28th…

I ran up to the local park today…really didn’t feel like it but dragged myself out of bed at 710am – not really been running much this week apart from Monday and Tuesday…

When I got out it was icy underfoot..never experienced that before….I did it in 32 minutes….3 minutes slower than on Tuesday…but the only reason I can give is that I was being cautious with all the ice!   Wink  Either that or my leggies were tired after 33 miles on a static bike in 2 days….

Below is a picture of the park…it was just getting light as I was running round it… 15 mins into the run…


It was pretty cold out, but I felt fine in my ron hill top, my gore trousers and my hat. 🙂 I listened to my usual – The Script. Their music has a really good beat to it which keeps me going.


RUN: 3.7 miles, 32 minutes, 390 calories.

When I got back to the flat….this strange fat man was looking at me from his car when I got to my flat….he was in his nice car and decided he would look at me…so …I looked right back at him until the traffic lights changed and he was able to drive off…  Don’t think he liked it.  hee hee….serves him right for staring!


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