Wednesday 26th

Went to the gym last night…my legs were still sore from Monday night weights, but still did:
CYCLE: Level 6-9, 8.5 miles, 30 minutes, 350 calories.
WEIGHTS: Upper. 15 x 6, 8 or 10kg, 60 minutes, 200 calories.
CYCLE: Level 6-8. 7.5 miles, 30 minutes, 250 calories.
I worked on the bike at between 90-100 rpm, which was pretty hard as I’m used to working at about level 9-12 at 80 rpm.  It was nice to try anyway and I might try some more of the same (low level, high rpm) again.
Walked to and from work too, yesterday and today.
My donations are going well, people are being very generous!! 🙂 So thank you x
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