Monday night…

About 4pm yesterday…as the sun was setting over my office…arg…I started to feel a little tired…
But…I still managed to get to the gym and did:
CYCLE: 10 miles (16k), 44 mins, 360 Calories.
SWIM: 2.5k, 54 mins, 500 Calories.
(Plus WALK to and from work: 1.2 miles, 22 mins, 160 Calories.
16.45 miles, 2 hours 30, 1400 Calories!
A kind of back to front sprint triathlon, with less time on the bike and more time in the pool.  Can you tell what my strengths and weaknesses are!!?
And…I realised I had a sore left leg, the back of my thigh…where I was balancing on one leg, showing breast stroke legs to my class on Sudnay night…hee hee.
It’s cold today, very cold – think I will try a 30 min run, 30 min cycle and 100 length swim tonight…!  Need to work on the bike a little more I think!
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