Wednesday weigh in… and compliments…

Today I weighed 9st 11lbs, 26.1% body fat, 53.9% water.
A little higher than last week, but was expected as its that time of the month…it usually increases by about a lb, then drops the week after. (See graph)
(And last weekend included a drinking session, so happy with this)
On Monday night a lifeguard at the pool I teach  (who I hadn’t seen for a while) at asked me if I was on a fitness craze…as I ‘looked good’ and he could ‘see a difference’.  Then he slagged my back crawl leg kick off (for splashing too much!!), so I splashed him with my leg kick.  Looking back – it wasn’t the best thing to do after he’d complimented me…and he will probably get revenge by pushing me in one day soon during lessons.  Oops.
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